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NaturopathyNatural therapies are based on Vitalism and Holism. Health is seen as good vitality with balance and harmony throughout the whole person.

Our health functions as a whole, unified, complex system in balance. When any one part of our human experience is in distress then our entire sense of being may suffer.

Naturopathic medicine addresses itself to the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of those who come for care.
The naturopathic approach emphasises:

Ill health is a disturbance of vital energy. Whilst we agree with modern pathology about the causes of disease (cellular dysfunction, genetics, accidents, poisons, and microbes) naturopathic philosophy further believes that our vital force determines our susceptibility, the amount of treatment, vigour of treatment and the speed of recovery .Those with poor vitality will succumb more quickly, require more treatment, need gentler treatments and take longer to recover.

Factors influencing our vital force